Our People

As a global engineering consultant company, Elcorp Technology Sdn Bhd offers opportunities to the young generation.

Our workforce more than 200 employees in Malaysia and Saudi and we recognize that our people are the key to Elcorp Technology Sdn Bhd successful and rapid growth.

The quality of our people is the reason Elcorp Technology Sdn Bhd has the distinction from other engineering’s companies and we provide conducive workplace for all. We are the only Malaysian engineering company awarded by Saudi Arabia GLC company’s Saudi BinLaden Group for the Haramain Expansion Project, Makkah Kingdom of Arabia – Professional Manpower Supply to Projects in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ETSB staffs is our capital development and fundamental to our success. We invest in recruiting and ensure a talented workforce by equip our leaders to fostering and develop talents with various career programs to enhance and support our staffs career growth with us and to make sure they are difference in the industry to face global challenges.