Quality Audit for Cost Savings in Road Construction


The idea of Q-Audit is primarily to avail the client with a tool to evaluate and ensure that the finished project has the desired quality as required in the contract and that it complies with all the design and construction specifications in it. Q-Audit is a methodology whereby the client will be able to quantitatively know the actual properties of the end product, there by knowing the degree of compliance of the entire project. Thus the client will be able to make decisions regarding payment for completed projects and release of bonds. Q-Audit is a scientific tool utilizing pavement engineering knowledge, material properties, and statistics to evaluate the quality of a given pavement (whether its still under construction or after its completed).  Q-Audit also evaluates mixes prior to laying to avoid usage of inferior materials in construction; it can also be used as a tool for forensic evaluation of a pavement that fails prematurely. Q-Audit is able to give the “status of health “ for a given project.